Flavor Focus Week 3: Coffee

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Welcome to Flavor Focus Week 3! What did you think of last week’s sprinkle recipes?! I just loved all those fun, colorful treats. I can’t wait to try a few.

I hope you’re having a lovely Friday and are looking forward to a relaxing, restorative weekend.

I have exciting plans tonight- my boyfriend is taking me to a nice restaurant. We’re celebrating his recent promotion and raise.  I’m so excited! I’m not excited for superficial reasons like ooh-we-have-more-money-now, but because he’s a hard worker and I’m proud of what he does at his job…not that he tells me much about it! More than anything, I’m grateful he works for a company that recognizes and appreciates his contributions. One of our deepest needs is to feel appreciated…and it really goes a long way.

My boyfriend’s getting a raise while I on the other hand have yet to earn a penny from food blogging. It’s okay. It’s not like I’m blogging for the purpose of making money, but…gosh, should I give up my dream of earning a small income one day? Will I ever earn money food blogging? I don’t know. We’ll see!

I figure that even if only one person finds value in Unwed Housewife, it’s worth doing. If looking through my site or trying one of my recipes brightens your day, I’m happy. And, I’m so grateful to you, my readers, for sticking by me and checking in each week.

Week 3: Coffee

Flavor Focus | Week 3: Coffee | Unwed Housewife | A list of delicious recipes that use coffee! The perfect recipe roundup for coffee lovers.

Okay, speaking of things that brighten your day, there’s nothing that makes me smile more than my first, hot cup of coffee in the morning. That’s why I’m so excited that the ingredient for Week 3 of Flavor Focus is coffee!

I’m obsessed with coffee. I drink it from the time I wake up until mid afternoon (when I begrudgingly switch to tea). I love coffee’s deep, sultry taste and aroma, not to mention the energy boost it gives me! My idea of the perfect morning includes a book, a fresh cup of coffee, and my two chubby kitties. That’s perfection.

Do you love coffee, too? (Psst, do you know how to make iced coffee? It’s super easy, and a fun way to jazz up your java routine).

Cold Brew Coffee 2 800 Resize

One down side of being a coffee addict lover is that sometimes I overdose…never intentionally. Every now and then I’ll drink too much coffee on an empty stomach. Most of the time it’s fine and I end up flying around the apartment, blasting music, and getting a lot of things accomplished. But, every now and then drinking too much coffee makes me feel anxious. Then, I have to cut back for a while…kind of like an out of control kindergartner restricted to only one juice box at snack time.

Oh, adulthood.

Does that ever happen to you? Ever drink too much coffee and get anxious or over-stimulated?

Before I reveal this week’s recipes, let me go over the guidelines. All the following recipes actually contain coffee whether it’s instant coffee grounds, espresso, or regular ‘ol coffee. You won’t find any coffee cake, biscotti, or other treats that are typically associated with coffee unless they actually use coffee as an ingredient. Flavor Focus is all about highlighting different ways you can use one particular ingredient or flavor, so only true coffee recipes made the cut.

Okay, grab a fresh cup of coffee and let’s explore a list of recipes perfect for coffee enthusiasts.

  • Coffee Cinnamon Rolls | Perfectly Sprinkled | These cinnamon rolls are big, beautiful, and use instant coffee in the icing, filling, AND dough. I can’t get over how delectable they look.
  • Black Coffee Ice Cream | The View From Great Island | Hallelujah! An ice cream that unapologetically highlights coffee and its rich flavor. I’d love to try this bold ice cream.
  • Coconut White Chocolate Mocha | Lemon Tree Dwelling | I may have gained a pound just looking at these pictures. I have to limit how many sweet coffee drinks I have since the calories add up fast. But, this recipe looks 100% worth the calories. Don’t you think?
  • Mocha Brownies with Coffee Frosting and Crumbled Oreos | Broma Bakery | Okay, this dessert is a must-try for coffee lovers. Strongly brewed coffee goes in both the batter and icing. Ooh, I’d love to experiment using different types of coffee with this recipe. I wonder how different the brownies taste depending on the type of roast you use.
  • Double-Chocolate Espresso Cookies | Alexandra’s Kitchen | These cookies sound delicious. I love their rustic look. Plus, she’s got the sweetest photos of her children eating cookies and drinking milk at the bottom of this post. So precious!
  • Espresso Bark | Tutti Dolci | Wow, what a simple, elegant way to use chocolate  covered espresso beans! This bark looks impressive yet requires very few ingredients.
  • Cappuccino Fudge Cheesecake | Annie’s Eats | This cheesecake is over-the-top. You’ll need to plan in advance when you make this showstopping dessert. There are a lot of ingredients and steps, but it looks worth your time.
  • Chocolate Espresso Coffee Cake | Foodness Gracious | Here it is, the gold star of the bunch. Coffee cake made with actual coffee?! How fantastic. (Not to mention, the pictures are gorgeous).

There it is! Another week of Flavor Focus. Don’t want the fun to end? Check out this cinnamon sour cream coffee cake. No, it doesn’t use coffee as an ingredient, but it’s a great treat to go with your cup of joe in the morning.

Cinnamon Sour Cream Coffee Cake -- Unwed Housewife


See you next week for a whole new flavor! I’m headed over to the Flavor Focus board on Pinterest to pin these coffee recipes. Leave me a comment and tell me what you thought of this week’s Flavor Focus.

 Flavor Focus | Week 3: Coffee | Unwed Housewife | A list of delicious recipes that use coffee! The perfect recipe roundup for coffee lovers.
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